Global communications expert Coraline Bardinat launches Ellipse Communications with backing from MXP Ventures

Ellipse Communications: Comms, PR, and next-gen events agency founded by Coraline Bardinat, with support from MXP Ventures, an agency start-up accelerator.

Paris, 16 May 2022 – Ellipse Communications SAS is a strategic communications, public relations and next generation events agency founded by Coraline Bardinat with backing from agency start-up accelerator and venture fund, MXP Ventures.

Coraline Bardinat explained: “The world has fundamentally changed, and there is a real challenge for companies, from series A start-ups to mature institutions, in reaching new audiences and opening new markets in the global context while staying true to their core identity. Ellipse leverages the right communications strategies focused on innovation, values and mission to help companies expand globally and connect with their audience.” 


“The French tech, corporate and innovation scene includes an incredibly diverse array of startups, scaleups and global champions, and Coraline’s experience in international corporate, investment and development-related communications projects is the exact right fit for us as we expand our agency portfolio into France,” said Tilo Bonow, General Partner at MXP Ventures. 


MXP Ventures is a $10 million venture fund and agency accelerator aimed at launching and scaling the next generation of marketing agencies globally. The MXP Ventures agency portfolio includes UK-based Bound to Prosper and Upside PR. For more information, please visit


Ellipse Communications is a Paris based communications agency for brands that change the world. Ellipse offers strategy, corporate and digital communications, public relations and event management. More at

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