About Millwright

Millwright is a marketing agency holding company built for the digital age. Since 2017, Millwright has reinvented the boutique agency model. We build, buy and partner with the best independent marketing agencies on the planet.

In 2021, in partnership with tech PR pioneer Tilo Bonow, we co-founded MXP Ventures, the venture platform for launching and accelerating marketing agencies globally. To date, MXP Ventures has launched six agencies: Bound to Prosper, Ellipse Communications, Entourages Agency, PNTR Group and Better Together. Over the next five years, MXP Ventures will found and launch 20 new agencies across the marketing services spectrum.

We help our clients solve their most critical business and marketing communications needs with data-driven, integrated and high impact PR, advertising, digital and social.

If you're looking for an agency that can move the needle, Millwright will deliver. You will find a team of inspiring creators and communicators who will help your business drive leads, increase revenue and amplify your brand.

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