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Hello World! We launched Millwright Holdings as a new, better alternative for agency owners who want to sell their marketing services firms.

Today we launch Millwright Holdings as a new (better) alternative for agency owners who want to sell their marketing services firms.

Before things get too busy, I wanted to take a moment to reflect upon who we are, what we are about and why we started Millwright.

First, what’s with the name? We took the name Millwright from the skilled craftsmen who designed and built the first factories. Mills originally. Like our industrial forbearers, we take pride in our work. We can only hope to live up to their vast legacy of precision, workmanship and humility.

The name Millwright made sense because millwrights are builders. We think of what we’re doing as building and assembling a group of marketing services agencies for the all-digital age. And to this task, we bring a vital asset, the “agency mindset”.

I believe we all stay in this business because there is simply nothing quite like the thrill and satisfaction we get from doing the job. So, when an agency owner decides to diversify their portfolio, and sell the agency, I think it goes without saying that the agency mindset must be present in the buyer organization. It’s not a nice to have. None of us need to look very far for evidence of post-merger misalignment. Or what the experienced observer might describe as a complete and total train wreck.

The sale of your agency should be as much about legacy protection as the achievement of financial goals. Whomever you sell to, you should not have to sell your soul in the process.

So, what are we about?

First and foremost, on the deal side, we’re going to be very competitive in terms of cash at close, earn-out provisions and your role after the sale. We know your agency is your life’s work. We have capital to deploy and we want to put it to work to help you achieve your goals, ambitions and dreams.

After the sale, we will work tirelessly with you and your team to make the agency you built a more productive, more competitive and more attractive place for clients and staff.  We have the resources, experience and capabilities to help you drive the next phase of growth for your agency and your team.

Most importantly, we bring the agency mindset, which is best expressed by the view that talent is the lifeblood of this business. It’s what drives success. Growth and profitability are the byproduct.

To summarize, Millwright is on a global mission to build a network of best-in-class independent agencies that deliver exceptional results for clients, and are great places to work.

That’s what we’re here to build.

I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.


Michael Young

General Partner


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